Derek busy in his studio

I have always been interested in wildlife from a very early age, encouraged by my Father who was a great countryman and spent most of his working life outdoors, where I would spend most of my school holidays with him. He would always point out different species of birds and I soon began to recognise their names and characteristics.

As a keen birdwatcher I would watch them for hours on end taking note of their individual habits, feeding, preening and their mating displays. This led to my passion for landscape and wildlife photography and again watching wildlife for long periods of time.

As a qualified cabinetmaker I have worked with wood since I left school so it was a natural progression to start carving the wildlife I enjoy so much. I use found woods mixed with other woods I have in the workshop/studio at any given time and I finish my work with acrylic paints and waxes. My carvings are what I see and observe in the characteristics of the subject and I do not emulated every detail as I like to add my own interpretation as I carve and paint, also adding a hint of humour as shown in Look Behind You.